The Antonelli

Holland Amerika

Amongst the large Tyrolean community living in Rouse at the beginning of the twentieth century,  the contribution of Segonzano and vicinity was particularly important . In fact from the various villages of the Cembra Valley , there were about thirty people employed in mining only in the period between 1906 and 1908; including as many as 6 children of Giovanni Battista Antonelli and Domenica Toller, born in Piazzo di Segonzano : Giovanni (1872), Guglielmo (1873), Giuseppe ( 1877) , Vittorio (1880) , Francesco (1883) and Augusto (1887) .

The first of the Antonelli brothers to arrive in Colorado, probably to Hastings, was Giovanni, circa 1892. He was married to Maria Rugera and they  had seven children between 1900 and 1915, all of them born in Rouse. In Rouse he worked from November 1904 until around 1917. He became a naturalized citizen in 1912 and died in an accident in the mine of Lester in July of 1920.

Vittorio followed his older brother to Hastings in the early 1900′s settling in Rouse shortly after. He was amongst the early immigrants founders of the Società di Mutuo Soccorso Dante Alighieri, he worked in Rouse starting from November 1904 through June 1907. He returned to Piazzo where he was enlisted in the Austro-Hungarian Army and sent to the front in Galicia with the first Regiment of the Tiroler Kaiserjäger; wounded in the early months of the war, he died in a hospital in Vienna in December 1914.

Giuseppe came after his brother Vittorio in 1907 aboard the ship of the Holland America Line “Potsdam” departed from Rotterdam, arriving in Trinidad in March. Few months later, he was joined by his wife Maria Andreatta  and had two sons in Colorado: Attilio (deceased as a baby ) and Silvio. In Rouse he worked from April of 1907 until the bloody strikes of 1913, left without a job and he returned with his family and remained there for the rest of his life.

Also Guglielmo arrived in America around 1907 and, as Giuseppe, began working in Rouse between March and April of the same until December of 1911 when he returned to Italy for good.

Francesco and Agostino came last (the first in 1909, the latter in 1911), both naturalized and ” Americanized ” becoming Frank and August, they  worked in various mines in Colorado and settled for good.

A big thank you to Gary Antonelli for Giuseppe’s picture

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