Giovanni Angeli (1874)

Refugees from Tyrol

Giovanni Angeli was born in Tenna on Novembre 1st, 1874 to Dominico and  Teresa Passamani. He was a distant relative to my great grandfather Domenico (their fathers were half-brothers), and together they cross the ocean on the Red Line “Zeeland” from Antwerp to New York on December 1905, leaving in Tenna his pregnant wife,  Maria Valentini, whom he married in 1901.

His employment in Rouse is documented from February 1906 through October 1907, when he comes back to Tenna.

The two world wars marked dramatically Giovanni’s life. During the first one he was enlisted in the Austro-Hungarian army and sent to the front line, while his wife and seven kids were deported to the camps of Pottendorf, Bruck am der Leita and Mitterdorf where, between 1915 and 1919 three kids and his wife Maria died of starvation.

During world war II, his son Ettore and his last son Mario (born from his second wedding with Maria Zurlo in 1921), died in combat with the italian Army.

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