Basilio Zanoni (1875)


Basilio Zanoni was born in Cloz on June 18, 1875 to Angelo and Luigia Franch.

He arrived in Colorado as a teenager in December 1891 and married Domenica Grosso  Trinidad  on December 2nd, 1896; he returned to Cloz where his first two children were born: Livio (Lee) in 1899 and Remigio (1906).

Returned to America, he was joined by his family in February 1907; another two kids were born in Colorado: Erma (born in Pictou in 1910) and Alberto Damiano (born in Walsenburg in 1915). He became a naturalized citizen in 1913 in Walsenburg, and lived the rest of his life in different locations: Silverton CO, Gallup NM, Cambria and Newcastle WY where he worked in a cigar store. He died in Wyoming nel 1940.

His employment in Rouse is limited to two months, March and April 1907.

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