Cesare Pilati (1884)

victor american fuel

Cesare Pilati was born in Tassullo, Tyrol onMarch 21, 1884 to Germano and Viola Zambiasi. He was the fifth son of a large family (eleven kids total) originally from the neighbor village of Nanno. He arrived in America in April 1905 after his cousins Agostino and Giuseppe Bergamo employed in the Victor American Fuel mine of Maitland, next to Walsenburg.

Soon he was working in Rouse  where his stay is documented through May 1908.

He was married with Luigia, and he had two daughters: Viola, born in Rouse in 1908 and Vincenza, born in Walsenburg in 1915.

He quit the miners life and moved to California where he was employed initially in a bar in Union, Ca and finally in San Francisco, where he died in 1924.


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