The Anesi of Tenna

GIovanni Silvio and  Valentino were three of the seven children of Andrea and Orsola Passamani; born in Tenna, in the Valsugana valley, respectively in 1871 , 1876 and 1881 they all tied their experiences in America to the community of Rouse .

The first to arrive was Silvio, departed from the French port of Le Havre aboard “La Gascogne ” he arrived in New York on May 24, 1903 along with two fellow countrymen: Emilio Alessandrini and Felice Passamani. Silvio began working at Rouse in November 1904 and the following month also came Felice Passamani with his brother Anselmo who in the meantime had arrived from Tenna in February.

Silvio worked in Rouse all 1905 and, in October, he paid for the trip across the ocean to his brother Valentino who, having completed the three-year service in the Austrian army, retraced the footsteps of his older brother ( same port, same ship , same train ) to join him in Colorado working both as a miner and as a maintenance worker for the tunnels.

In January 1906 Valentino was joined by his cousin Domenico Angeli , and in April by his third brother Giovanni who travelled with Luigi Alessandrini.

None of the brothers Anesi remained in America. Silvio went back to Tenna the first half of 1906 and in 1908 he married Valeria Erspaner having three daughters in the following years; Giovanni, who at the time of his trip to America was married and already had three children, returned to Tenna in 1907 to his wife Rosa Alessandrini and had more 4 children. Valentino left  Colorado in 1910 and in October of the same year he married  Angelina Alessandrini in Tenna, and had three children.

The First World War divided again the brothers Anesi: with their families evacuated near Vienna, Silvio and Valentino were recruited and sent on different fronts while Giovanni was stationed in Levico .

Silvio was captured by the Italians and spent several years in a prison camp in Italy , Valentino was instead captured by the Russians in Galicia in 1914 and confined to Omsk in Siberia . Eyewitness of the Russian Revolution, Valentino returned permanently to Tenna only in 1920 from Russian port of Vladivostok.


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