Michele Anselmo (1882)

Family from Calabria, circa 1900 [Internet]

Family from Calabria, circa 1900 [Internet]

Michele Anselmo was born in the village of Grimaldi, next to Cosenza in the Southern Italian region of Calabria.

Not much is known about his family in Italy, or his exact date of birth, from his employment records and the census data it is likely he was born between 1882 and 1884.

He did arrive in Colorado probably around 1896, a little more than a boy, following two older brothers: Tommaso, who become a rancher in La Veta and with whom he would share lodging in 1910, and Francesco who did settle in Trinidad with his family

Although he would not spend much time in Rouse (he is recorded only for the month of  July 1906), Michele worked several years for the Colorado Fuel & Iron Company, finding employment in the mines of Hastings, Berwind and Primero, all within Huerfano County.

He died in 1918 in Walsenburg and he is buried at the Saint Mary Cemetery next to his brother Tommaso.


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