The Anzelini


Lodovico, Luigi and Enrico Anzelini were three brothers born in the village Fondo, in the southernmost Austro-Hungarian Empire province of Tyrol (now Italy) to Nicolò and Caterina Graziadei.

Luigi was the first to arrive in USA, born on January 24, 1880, he traveled aboard the ship “La Champagne” from Le Havre on  December 2, 1902 and settled shortly after in Trinidad in 1902.

In February 1905 his younger brother Lodovico (born August 18, 1884) tried to reach him and their older brother Enrico (born on November 11, 1878 living in Trinidad and never employed in Rouse), but he was detained in Ellis Island for a week and finally deported since he declared to have a contract and that was contrary to the immigration laws (Foran Act o f 1885) to promise a job to a prospective immigrant, taking the opportunity away from an American citizen.

Somehow Lodovico managed to get to Colorado anyways, and he started in Rouse together with Luigi from August 1906 through November 1907. While Luigi returned to Fondo for good (he left Rouse in March 1907), Lodovico chose to stay in the US, and found employment near Florence, Walsenburg, and Louisville, alternating farming to mining.

He finally moved in 1937 to Longmont and retired from from work as a coal miner in 1946; he passed away in Longmont in December 1955, survived by his wife Maria and by a daughter, Catherine (Anzelini) Widmar.

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