The Alessandrini

There are five Alessandrini registered in theRouse payrolls between 1905 and 1908 , all from Tenna and all returned Valsugana before the war, with the exception of one.

The first to venture in America are Beniamino, born October 9, 1869 to Giovanni and Maria Anesi , and Andrea, born November 5, 1873 to Domenico and Caterina Oss, both arriving between 1902 and 1903 and found employment in the iron mines of Bessemer in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Here they apply for naturalization and reside about three years.

Miners at Bessemer (internet)

The first of the Alessandrini to arrive in Colorado is Ferdinando, born April 19, 1881 to Domenico and Fortunata Roat , who arrives at the port of Southampton on October 21, 1905 but is not allowed on board; he then crossed again the English Channel and was able to board a vessel in Le Havre a week later on October 28, 1905 , reaching Walsenburg and  joining the large community  of “Ténarot” in Colorado.

His brother Luigi , who was born December 1, 1887 , joins him in April of 1906 traveling from Antwerp along with other Tenaroti including Giovanni Anesi.  In December of the same year, Andrea and Beniamino return to US after a short stay in Tenna settling in Walsenburg.

The last to arrive in Colorado is Elia Abele, born July 26, 1882 , and brother of Luigi and Ferdinando, who is employed at Rouse from May 1907 until 1912; returning after a short stay in Italy, he finally quits the CF & I in September 1913 during the wave of strikes in 1913-14 without returning to the Tyrol , where the military Austrians recorded  him as ” in Amerika ” . Latest news on Elia are from the 1930 census, in the city of Union, Ohio, where he resides as a single boarder still employed in the mining industry.

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