Salvatore Andreatta (1875)

Salvatore Andreatta was born in the village of Quaras, next to Segonzano in the Cembra Valley on November 9, 1875 to Giorgio and Francesca Anesi.

He arrived in America from Le Havre in November 1897 and in 1902 was one of the co-founder, together with many other immigrants of the Società di Mutuo Soccorso Dante Alighieri, in Rouse.

In February 1904 he married Rosa Frieri, sister of Giuseppe and Costante, both employed as miners in Rouse and later the same year he was naturalized citizen in Walsenburg (witnesses Antonio Bertolero and Romano Berasi)  From the union with Rosa he had two kids, both born in Rouse, Giorgio (1907) and Luigia Clementina (1909).

In 1910, after Rosa’s premature death, Salvatore returned to Tyrol leaving the kids to some relatives and returning to Rouse later the same year. It would take more than 10 years before the family is reunited again. In 1921 Salvatore goes back to Quaras for his kids.

His daughter Luigia will return to America in September 1928, marrying Antonio Andreatta, son of Bortolo, in November the same year. His son Giorgio will return in May 1929, after Salvatore’s death occured in Walsenburg on December 31, 1928 due to pneumonia.


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