Emilio Andreatta (1885)

Emilio Andreatta was born in the village of Quaras, next to Segonzano in the Cembra Valley on August 2nd, 1885 to Agostino and Domenica Petri.

His father Agostino belonged to the first wave of immigrants in search for gold in Silverton and surely had an influence on Emilio’s decision to venture in America. Having completed military service and borrowed money from a friend, he boarded a liner from Le Havre as a single man in 1905. His first destination was Silverton as his father, there he was involved in a mine accident and broke his ribs, he moved then to Hastings first, and then to Rouse where his employment is registered starting from January to July 1908.

In 1909 he married Rosa Andreatta, the elder daughter of Bartolomeo Andreatta and they lived in Lester where Emilio worked in the local mine and had three daughters Serafina (1910), Emma (1911) and Silvia (1913). Rosa ran a boarding house and in 1910 they host a number of miners previously employed with Emilio in Rouse: Isidoro Petri, Vigilio Micheli, Eugenio Andreatta.

Between May 1911 and August 1912 Emilio worked in the ranch of Bob Pene in La Veta returning to Rouse in September 1912. The mining strike of September 1913 terminated his employment in Rouse and the family leased a ranch few miles away from Aguilar where other two girls were born: Linda (1915) and Viola (1916).

In 1917 Emilio went back to Rouse where he worked another year, before purchasing a ranch in Yellowstone with the help of Bartolomeo. In 1918 the Spanish influenza hit on Emilio’s family, all of his daughters got sick and Emma and Viola died; later that year the first son was born August, followed by Ermer (1920) and Erminio (1922)

Emilio kept working as a miner in the Turner Coal Mine, in Tioga, in Alamo and other locations all his life. He died in 1955.

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