Fortunato Andreatta (1868)

Immigrants in Buenos Aires

Immigrants in Buenos Aires

Fortunato Andreatta was born in the village Quaras near Segonzano in the Cembra Valley on September 16, 1868 to Matteo and Caterina Francescati.

The Andreatta family knew emigration since the end of the eighties of the nineteenth century, Fortunato’s father and two brothers (Bartolomeo and Matteo ) in 1888, emigrated to Buenos Aires where they worked for three years for the construction of roads in the Argentinian capital.

They returned to Quaras in 1891, with the exception of his younger brother Matteo who never returned from South America, and Bartolomeo just two years later, in 1893, ventured to America with his wife Maria Antonelli to work in the mines of Sopris and Rouse.

Fortunato followed his brother to Walsenburg in 1897, married with Fortunata Andreatta left his pregnant wife to embark on the ship “La Champagne ” sailed from the French port of Le Havre and arrived in New York March 22, 1897 .

Fortunata joined him in November 1900, via the same route from Le Havre, bringing with her their little daughter Teresa and Bartolo’s eldest son, Luigi, born in 1888 in Quaras while his father was in Argentina.

Fortunato was a naturalized American in August 1901 in Walsenburg, and together with his brother Batolomeo was one of the co-founders of the Società di Mutuo Soccorso Dante Alighieri, in 1902.

Mine records indicate his employment in Rouse starting from December 1904 through October 1907. In June 1907 he obtained grants of land to use as a farm around Santa Clara at the foot of the Spanish Peaks , however, he decided to return to Quaras and sold the land to his brother, who built a ranch with 5000 acres of land abandoning the miner’s life.

Back in Quaras, Fortunato had three more children : Giuseppina Fiorentina (1908) , Quirino ( 1911) and Amalia Caterina (1914) . He died in Segonzano on September 6, 1937.

Bartolomeo never returned to Quaras, he had 10 kids and died in 1943. His eldest daughter Rosa married another miner of Rouse, Emilio Andreatta.

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