Francesco Buffi (1878)

Francesco (Frank) Buffi was born on December 30, 1878 in the village of Saone, to Romedio and Teresa Marchiori. He emigrates to United States aboard the vessel “Philadelphia” from Southampton and arriving to New York on February 26, 1905. He was headed to the town of West Mineral, Kansas, where his elder sister Margherita had settled marrying another emigrant from Saone, Edoardo Battitori.

Francesco soon heads to Colorado where Edoardo’s sister Letizia had married in Walsenburg another miner from Saone, Luigi Marchiori. The Rouse payrolls record his employment from October, 1905 through August 1906; after that date his whereabouts are not confirmed, but by 1910 he is back in Kansas, in the town of Ross, boarding in the household of Edoardo.

After a short trip to Tyrol, Francesco is back in 1911 to West Mineral, where is soon joined by his younger brother Albino, arriving in August 1912 via Boston. After many years as a miner, Francesco works in the Restaurant owned by Edoardo and Margherita, the Broadway Cafe; Edoardo had opened the cafe after a mine accident and left Francesco there while he and his family returned to Saone.

The outbreak of World war I blocks the Battitori family in Saone and during a shelling, Edoardo and one of his sons lost their lives. Margherita and her other kids were able to return to Kansas only in 1921.

Francesco will eventually return to Saone in the mid 1920′s.

A special thanks to John, Darlene and Donna Battitori for the information and the wonderful pictures.

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