Eugenio Andreatta (1884)

Miners in Rock Springs, WY

Miners in Rock Springs, WY

Amongst the Tyrolean community who worked in the Southern Colorado mine fields there are two possible matches with Eugenio Andreatta, both born in 1884, both baptized in Segonzano, and both working/residing in Rouse at some time.

One, Eugenio Giovanni, was born on May 25, 1884 to Domenico and Teresa Zancanella; the other one, Antonio Eugenio, was born on August 11, 1884 to Antonio and Maria Antonelli.

Eugenio Giovanni appears to be traveling to Rouse with his sister Maria in December 1907, Maria had married Giuseppe Antonelli who worked in Rouse.

About Antonio Eugenio, he arrived with another group of Tyroleans in 1903 to Trinidad, his work card document his employment in Rouse up to 1904, then Lester, Rockvale and Rock Springs where he resides all the remaining of his life, dying in 1963.

According to his obituary, at that time his only living relatives were a cousin (Clementina) in Las Animas, and a niece in Italy.

The payrolls in mine document only one entry in 1907, as Jim Andreatta.



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