Luciano Moneghini (1882)

Luciano Moneghini  (1882 – 1915)

Luciano Moneghini was born in Storo, in the Giudicarie valley, the son of Simone Moneghini and Maria Maddalena Zontini.  Luciano arrived in New York on March 2, 1902, aboard the passenger ship “La Bretagne”, departing from Havre, France.  Before his years in Rouse, he worked in the coal mines near Canon City, Colorado, where he met Jennie Dalfior (1889 – 1958), who was the sister of Mary (Dalfior) Bellotti, wife of Fortunato (Fred) Bellotti.  Luciano and Jennie married on April 23, 1907, in Canon City, and had 2 sons over the next 3 years.

Luciano was joined in Rouse by his brother Amabile (1885 – 1912) and his cousin Antonio (1891-1963),arrived in New York on September 10, 1910, aboard the passenger ship “La Savoie”, departing from Havre, France. Amabile’s American adventure tragically ended on July 2, 1912 near Canon City when he died in a mining accident, less than 2 years after immigrating.

Luciano soon developed health problems and desired to return to his homeland, so Luciano, Jennie, and their 2 sons traveled to Storo.   Luciano died in Storo in 1915.  Jennie and her sons were in Storo during some heavy fighting during World War 1 and she did suffer an injury when their house was hit by artillery.  After the war, Jennie and her sons were finally able to return to Canon City.  They arrived in New York on July 23, 1922, aboard the passenger ship “Giuseppe Verdi”, departing from Genoa, Italy.  They were accompanied by Luciano’s sister, Angelina Moneghini, who the following year married Giuseppe (Joe) Bellotti in Walsenburg, Colorado.

A special thank to John Bellotti for the information about this article

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