Giovanni Dalfior (1879)

Giovanni (John) Dalfior  (1879 – 1967)

John Dalfior was born in the village of Bivedo, Bleggio Superiore, in the Giudicarie valley of Trentino, the son of Silverio Dalfior and Albina Fina.  Along with his parents, older sister Ermenegilda and younger sister Mary, John arrived in New York on May 9, 1889, aboard the passenger ship “Westernland” of the Red Star Line out of Antwerp, Belgium.  He was 10 years old.

The family first settled in Pueblo, Colorado, before moving to the coal mining town of Brookside, near Canon City, Colorado, by the mid-1890′s.  Three more siblings of John were born in the United States:  Jennie, Peter, and Rosa.

Rouse employment records show that John worked there from 1906 – 1907, and later in 1915 – 1916, but he mostly worked and lived in the Canon City area.  He married Maria Antonina (1888 – 1966) on September 5, 1915, in Canon City. Maria was a widow, she first married Cassiano Bossetto in Canon City in 1908 and had two kids Reynolds and Rudolph. Cassiano died in 1914 in Canon City (mine accident?) and when Giovanni married Maria, he took care of the two sons.

In 1920 you find the family in Niggerhead, Huerfano, a settlement on the D&RG railway with a closed mining community, where John worked  as a miner and lives with Mary, two daughters and the two stepsons.

John was the brother-in-law of two other  Rouse miners:  his sister Mary married Fortunato (Fred) Bellotti in 1902, and another sister, Jennie, married Luciano Moneghini in 1907.

Thanks to John Bellotti for this article.


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  1. julie fabian says:

    Dorothy jacqueline bossetto is my mother. Reynolds bossetto married mildred carter and had 2 children. My mother dorothy, who will be 81 in october of this year and her little brother ronald. We call him uncle buddy.

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