Samuel Jack Anderson (1869)

Main Street in Murphy NC, ca 1860

Main Street in Murphy NC, ca 1860

Samuel Jack Anderson was born in Murphy, Cherokee County, NC on August 5, 1869 to John Anderson and his second wife, Mildred Dugger.

He lived his first years in Tennesse where his family resided in 1880 and where he enlisted in the US Army in 1893; being discharged in 1896, the same year married Henrietta Rush (Etta) in Ducktown, Tennessee where his first two daughters were born: Gracie (1897) and Mae (1898)

In 1900 he farmed in Deer Creek, Oklahoma where is first son Homer was born the same year. Shortly after the family moved west to Colorado where Samuel finds employment in the mines working in Primero, Hastings and Rugby. More kids arrived during those years: Theodore (1902), Mollie (1903), Floyd (1905 died infant), Sylvester (1907) and Arthur (1910).

Rouse registers record his presence as S.J. Anderson between June and November, 1906.

In 1911 Samuel worked as a farmer in Ignacio, La Plata County, where his last kid Eugene was born in 1912. Ignacio will be his last residence, in March 1918 after a few months illness he died in Pueblo.

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  1. Iretta Moore says:

    Thank you for this. My grandfather rarely spoke of his childhood and we had limited information available. You have helped us confirm the marriage of Sam and Etta. You have also given us his parents. You are doing great work here.
    Thank You
    Iretta (and her family)

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