Domenico Albertini (1875)

In Tyrol, the diffusion of the surname Albertini, also very common in Northern Italy, in the second half of the nineteenth century is focused on a group of valleys to the north of Trento.

There are several families emigrated to America, in particular, among the pioneers in Colorado, is Fedele Albertini (1852) emigrated from Val di Non in 1891 and joined by his wife Maria Zamboni in 1897 in Atoka Oklahoma  (Indian Territory at the time) before settling in Gray Creek, Co., where he worked as a shoemaker.

Court Street in Atoka, Oklahoma while it was still Indian Territory (Internet image)

As for Domenico Albertini, the most likely match is with the son of Pietro and Rosa Salvaterra, born in the town of Revò on March 12, 1875 and emigrated first time in 1891 to Santa Fe (where applies for naturalization) and then in 1902 to Trinidad as a miner.

In the journey of 1902 , from Southampton, is accompanied by another villager/relative, Floriano Albertini (1870), who travels to another mining town very popular among the emigrants from Trentino: Hazleton, Pennsylvania.

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