Ernest Erskine (1891)

A self contained community except for a resident doctor, Blossburg New Mexico was a coal mining town founded in 1881 and owned by the Raton Coal and Coking Company and the Santa Fe Railroad. The community reached  1000 souls at its peak but in 1894 after a deadly explosion followed by a strike, the mine closed; operations resumed few miles south shortly after but the population sharply declined to 100 residents by 1903.

Ernest Erskine was born there in July 1891 to Alexander Erskine and Louise Poynton, his sister Ethel was born in the same community in 1894, it is therefore likely that Alexander worked in the mine before moving to Rouse.

Ernest was very young to work in the tunnels, nevertheless the presence of his dad would authorize his employment outside and he is recorded in the payrolls in May and November 1906.

He would later marry Laura Everly and spend the rest of his life in Colorado.

Thanks to Pauline Di Sipio and Margaret Soderborg for the pictures.

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