Welcome to Rouse 1906! This website wants to serve as an online resource to preserve and share the common heritage of thousands families working in the Colorado coal fields at the turn of twentieth the century.

My great grandfather belonged to that community; he left his family in the small Tyrolean village of Tenna in December 1905 to get to Antwerp by train. He held a third class passage on the Red Star Zeeland to New York and nine days later he would have passed through the crowded gates of Ellis Island just to board yet another train and cross US to the small town of Walsenburg, Colorado, where a carriage car would have taken him to his final destination, an isolated mining camp 9 miles south. He worked for the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company deep in the coal mine of Rouse No 4 until 1908, when he traced back his steps, went home and built a stone house for his family.

My great grandfather story is a common one, “from the old world to make my fortune” wrote a distant cousin on his CF&I application card, and the hardships he faced were the same experienced by thousands of workers crossing the ocean for a better life. In Rouse only, the 1910 census records around 550 people living/working/growing up, 90% of which emigrants.

This project is ongoing and will meet its goal only with your contribute, so please check regularly the content and if one ancestor is listed here,  or lived a similar experience, please share your story!

Thank you and enjoy the website.

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